Our Philosophy

We know our white Labrador puppies will bring you a lifetime of happiness, and we expect you to do the same for the puppy. We are always just a phone call away. We are also happy to help with health issues or questions from people who did not choose an Idle Wild Labrador, and are now struggling with ear infections, hot spots, aggressiveness, hyperactivity and/or joint issues. We will always try our best to answer any questions or help in any way we can to improve a Labrador’s life.

Health Warranty

We hope that you are well pleased with the new addition to your family. We take great pride in our breeding program and are confident that we have produced the finest animals in temperament and conformation possible. Unlike other White Labrador breeders, we do extensive Health Certifications on every Labrador in our program, including OFA Hips, Elbows, and Heart, and EIC, CNM and PRA-Prcd. You never have to guess if the puppies we bring into this world are healthy and sound. They are SUPERLATIVE representatives of the “gentleman’s gun dog”; never hyper, driven nor unruly. We believe that by using superlative researched breeding stock we are doing our best to lessen the occurrence of hereditary (controllable) defects. This is why we can offer the best warranty available for our White Labradors; we are that confident in our dogs. All puppies are sold as pets. Provided your White Labrador puppy is not altered (spayed/neutered) before 14 months of age, If your puppy is diagnosed by OFA/CERF with hereditary heart disease, hereditary hip dysplasia (non-unilateral, non-injury) or hereditary eye disease at age two, we would like to provide you with a new puppy of equal quality and value at our earliest opportunity.

Our Health Warranty does not cover vaccinations, veterinary costs, diagnostic costs, regular worming (although we de-worm at 2, 3, 4 and 6 weeks AND have our vet perform a full health check and fecal before adoption, retained worm larvae can activate during times of even light stress, such as a new environment and nonhereditary conditions are unforeseeable) or training costs. These costs are the direct result of responsible dog ownership and should be expected and planned for prior to getting a puppy. We do not warranty anything that your AKC Pet Insurance should have covered, had you purchased coverage. We have links on our website and brochures in your Puppy Packet for Pet Insurance, although it is your choice to provide this.

60 - 80 pounds
22 - 24 inches
11 - 14 years

Deposit & Pricing

All puppies are sold as pets. All puppies are AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION which means that puppies resulting from a breeding are ineligible for AKC registration, and entry into AKC sponsored events is restricted. All puppies will remain AKC Limited Registration unless PRIOR (to a deposit being accepted) arrangements have been made with Idlewild Retrievers in writing. We take the bloodlines, pedigree and conformation of our dogs VERY seriously; we DO NOT allow our puppies to be sold with Full Registration except in very specific instances; a breeder we know, co-owners, etc. Allowing a Limited Registration puppy to be bred, is a violation of our trust and ethics.

* We do now require that you register your puppy's microchip with the AKC CAR via the paperwork included in your puppy packet.

Due to our selective breeding, we have low supply and high demand; therefore, I can no longer reserve a puppy without a deposit…. No puppy is considered sold until a deposit is received. I understand the need to talk to family members, to schedule a kennel visit to determine temperament, etc, but I can no longer hold a puppy with no deposit.

We STRONGLY recommend that your new White Labrador puppy be kept on his/her Nu-Vet supplement until they are at least 18 months old. We cannot control environment nor food choices with new families, and this is the best way to combat allergies, dry skin and growth issues.

Current Pricing is $3000.00. This includes socialization, Puppy Packet, Full Health Guarantee and AKC Registration. We proudly provide a $200.00 discount for active or retired military.

Click here to read the OFA standard for genetic testing. All reputable breeders of Labradors will be performing these tests on all breeding stock before breeding.

Shipping & Pickup

We ship via Delta Pet First dedicated pet transport service. Shipping from BNA Nashville to any Delta terminal is a flat $425.00 This includes airfare, transportation to the airport, airline approved crate (yours to keep), US Travel Certificate and Puppy Packet. Puppies can be shipped at 8 weeks of age. Many times, it is much easier on a puppy to nap through a 3 hour flight, rather than endure a longer car-ride.

You also have the option of flying in to pick up your pup. We will be very happy to meet you at BNA (Nashville) with your puppy, health certificate and puppy packet. The charge for this is $150.00, for the US flight certificate, and transport to the airport. You will need to bring an airline approved mesh or Sherpa bag. Most people find they can save money flying to Nashville to pick up their new family member. We also feel it’s beneficial, when making a 15 year commitment like this, that you meet your dog’s breeder, parents, and know where your pup was raised so if you would like to fly in and meet at our kennel, this is great! Most people fly out the same day because it is so convenient!

Either way be sure to check with your airline as to their guidelines. Tell them you will traveling with your pet when you place your reservation, and that it will be under 25 lbs and will fit under your seat as a carry-on. Some charge extra for this, some don’t.

Checklist for flying with puppy:

When making reservation, mention you are flying with your pet, 8 week old pup, will have health certificate, weight is under 20 lbs. Order the airline approved mesh carry bag for pets that fits under the airline seat. Or any Petco should carry this type of bag. Get one large enough to fit a 1-20 lb puppy. They can assist you in choosing the correct bag!

Carry with you:

Baby wipes, a few towels, pet toys, bottled spring water.

Is your pet suffering?

Order Natural Human Grade Daily Supplements from Nu-Vet.

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